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I have a handlebar mirror. Dirt cheap and being dirt cheap actually gives it an advantage as I can move the vertical alignment while riding to adjust for hills and how upright/bent over I am.

As I ride on a 4 lane divided highway, it makes it easy to track traffic behind me when I'm trying to time my movements with them to cross the left lane and make a left turn.

And while I can hear traffic come up on me, I can't tell from the sound alone if it's one car or more than one, I can't tell what lane they are in, I can't tell if someone is pacing me in anticipation of a right turn ahead and (a biggie) I can't tell from sound if someone needing to pass is moving over to the left behind the car on the left, or if they are taking the right turn only lane to pass me on the right instead of waiting the few seconds for the guy on my left to parallel me. With my mirror, when I hear cars behind me, I can quickly glance down to get a car count/movement while still focusing on the road conditions ahead of me, such as rocks on the road or the guy sitting in the oncoming left turn lane or the side road on the right.
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