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Originally Posted by Skipjacks View Post
Is that mirror mounted to the stem? Or is that just a deceptive photo?

If it's mounted to the stem how do you see behind you? Wouldn't your body be blocking the view backwards?

I have been thinking of getting a mirror but having it out to the sides too far makes it a non starter as I run into bushes and low hanging tree branches enough that it would get thwacked off. (I'm not a crappy rider. I just have a lot of growth along the sides of my commute and sometimes I can't avoid it)

If your way works somehow it's perfect for me.
It is mounted to the end of the right side of my handlebar, and yes, it does stick out ... if I want it too.

In the photo it is folded in a bit so I could lean the bicycle. At times, I've also tilted it vertically so it doesn't stick out as much.

Same mirror on a different bicycle ...

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