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Originally Posted by joedab View Post
I recently posted preliminary efforts to repair damaged shell threads of an italian frame, and in trying to make headway, I realized the need to test ride the bike along with soliciting the help of a frame builder. To this end, I need to replace the crank which recently broke and probably also the bottom bracket. The existing bottom bracket, being a modest 70x107mm is not wide enough to accommodate a spare non-italian crank which also bottoms out on the spindle.
Ok. Trying to follow the story. You have a frame with an Italian thread bottom bracket shell, but the threads got stripped. In addition, the original crank has failed and will need to be replaced. You have found a frame builder, presumably to fix the Italian threads in the bottom bracket shell. You have another crank, but it does not work with the bottom bracket from the original, broken crank.

Am I right so far?

If so, assuming the frame builder has restored functional Italian threads in your frame's bottom bracket shell, what you need to do is set aside the bottom bracket that came with the original crank and find a different Italian thread bottom bracket that will work with the candidate replacement crank. Without knowing the make and model of your replacement candidate crank, it will be difficult to suggest any suitable bottom brackets to work with that crank.

So, what crank are you trying to use?
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