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Originally Posted by canklecat View Post
Of all the places I've lived or spent time on business trips, I'd vote for NYC, Southern California and Chicago. But I'm a sucker for ethnic diversity. Variety makes for beautiful people.

****geneity is boring. When I moved to rural Texas as a teenager in the 1970s almost every woman and teenage girl looked like they came from a limited edition set of three cookie cutters.
Where I am, they combined 3 cookie cutters for each female made I think. That's the only way they could make them so big.

Love the dating site descriptions. "Need to lose a few pounds." Honey, if you lost a few pounds, you'd still need to lose another 50 just to get to my weight which is 50ish pounds overweight for me as a male. Then when you get to my weight, you still have 100 to go. So no, you're not at "need to lose a few pounds" status. Not even close.
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