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Originally Posted by Bluebatmobile View Post
I've been using co2 inflators for many a year now. Just wondering your opinions on the best mini pump? I'm thinking of getting one. Thanks!

Which is best depends on what tire size you need to fill. High volume/lower pressure tires call for different pump attributes than a narrow, high pressure road racing tire.

If we’re talking 700c x 23 - 30 rubber, I’d say the best is the Lezyne Road Drive series, which comes in 3 sizes and either alu or carbon fiber bodies, so you can fine tune based on tire size, style, and weight preferences.

I use Lezyne Road Drive in size M on three bikes, and think the sleek, slender, classy styling is pretty discreet on-bike, and of course that the pumping performance, versatility, and reliability are excellent.

As one reference and comparison point:

Another road tire pump which reportedly performs very well and which has some cool spec and styling is the Silca Tattico, one model of which even uses Bluetooth to transmit pressure reading to your phone! If pressure reading is your thing, Lezyne offer a Gauge Hose to replace the stock hose on Road Drive pumps which will display pressure. I have one, and it seems to work fine, but I don’t find it all that useful as I ride tubeless primarily and only use the mini for the very rare emergency or aid situation.

Frquency of use is another factor in deciding which is best, as regular use will really reveal the frustrating elements of pump design.
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