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Help! Thumb Shifter Advice

Sorry, Rookie mistake. Posted this thread twice.....

Main thread is here: Help! Thumb Shifter Advice

Hi All: Looking for some advice on Thumb Shifters. First a little background:

I have been running indexed shifters on my bikes for the past 15+ years...until I picked up my new bike - a 1985 Miyata Two Ten that I intend to use as a gravel/dirt road bike. Indexed shifters have been fine and I was planning on upgrading the Miyata to indexed shifters as soon as I could round up the parts. I am also converting it to a flat bar setup because I really prefer flat bars over drops.

But then I took the Miyata out for my first couple rides and I ever impressed with the performance and ease of setup of the original Shimano downtube friction shifters coupled with the original derailleurs. I changed out the wheels to 700c and put on a 7 speed cassette and new chain (bike was originally 5 speed freewheel). I didn't have to touch a thing on the shifters/derailleurs to get them working with the new chain and cassette. It just works, smoothly and with no fuss. Manually finding the gears with a 7 speed setup is not hard.

So the dilemma I have is that I love the original shifters, but downtube shifters on a gravel bike are not practical. I need to move them to the bars. So I am looking for suggestions and options.

Here is what I have found so far:

1) I could get a set of Paul's Thumbies and try to mount the original downtube shifters on the bars with them. Not 100% sure they will fit on the thumbies. And the Paul's Thumbies are expensive for what they are, IMO. Any other options available for flat bar mounts?

2) Buy a new set of Thumb Shifters. I have see the SR thumb shifters that work with 8 and 9 speed setups. I could swap the 7 speed cassette for an 8. Have also seen some Microshift thumb shifters. Does anyone have any experience with either of these products? Any other options out there for a 7 or 8 speed setup?

I anyone has other options/suggestions or experience with the available products, I would appreciate any advice.


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