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1971 Raleigh Super Course


I have this 1971 Raleigh Super Course, which I bought this weekend from the original owner for $75. I could use your knowledge and help on some things, if you have the time.
My intention when buying was to clean it/fix it up as necessary and sell it, but itís so cool that itís tempting to keep. Iím undecided on that point.
Iíve given it some cleaning and polishing. It has a SunTour front derailleur on, but I also have the original Huret one. The only thing I see so far that is concerning is this big bare patch under the front derailleur where the paint has been peeled off, showing bare metal. Sorry about the indoor pics, btw. It's getting dark earlier here. I can try to update with some outdoor pics later on.

What do you think a fair price for me to put on it might be, if I do decide to sell it? Is it possible to sell bikes and get a decent response in the fall/winter, or should I hold it until the spring, do you think?

I donít see the usual Carlton decal; there is a decal sort of in that spot but itís broken up, as you can see, and hard to read. Do you think the bike is Carlton or non-Carlton, and how does that affect quality and value?

Other things you might have thoughts on:
Do you think I need to replace the tires and/or tubes? Or can they be ridden as is? I donít how old these are, just that they were replaced at some point in the bikeís life. Can I ride on 10- or 20-year-old tubes? I want to ride the Super Course in a tweed ride this weekend if possible, and if I can keep these tires on and use them, that would be nice.

Do I need a certain crank puller for this Stronglight crank and if so what is it?
Right now I have a cotter pin press and just a standard crank puller from Park Tools that has worked on a few Japanese cranks.

Do you know where I can find the serial number on it?

Thanks for your help!
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