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I think of note here...if you're a rider who knows they are capable of doing >900 watts then you're a rider that's using a power meter on your bike already. Use that power meter and NOT the unit built into the trainer as it will be more accurate and not have the 900 watt limitation.

Also note that the max power for 950 Watts (it's 950 per the Tacx web site) is rated at 40kph which is only 25mph. My guess is that if this specification is actually a real concern then you're going to be going faster than that...which means the max is actually different (but I'm not sure how).

Given what I've seen in this thread...I'd suggest spending the coin on a Flux or Direto at a minimum if you're going to spend real time doing Zwift. I was going to get a Direto myself but they weren't in stock and was able to get a 15% discount on a Wahoo KICKR. So now I have a trainer I'll never outgrow or worry about if it is holding me back in some way.

Edit: I just looked up the KICKR Snap as well. 1,500 Watts and 12% max incline as opposed to 950 watts and 7% of the Tacx Vortex Smart. If you can't go direct drive the Snap is no doubt a better choice given your concerns about the power limit.
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