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TT (Time Trial) and Tri bikes are different cats with the same stripes. Both are intended for use on closed course, racing environments. Where a TT bike is all about going as fast as possible, the Tri bike is about going as fast as efficiently as possible. Remember in Tri, after you get off the bike, you still have to run, so you tend to ride higher and more forward on a Tri bike than a TT. Time Trials also usually feature corners and climbs, Tri bike 'legs' are typically flat and straight. Either way, Aero is a big part of it, so you see the bladed frame tubes, forward controls, and spoke/disk/super-deep-v wheels.

I would venture to say that (in the US) there are far more people doing Triathlon, than TT, so what you call a TT bike is probably a Tri bike.
As far as training, the Tri guys that I run/ride with have at least two bikes. The Tri bike usually sees most of it's miles on a stationary trainer, other than race day. if we're out on an open road or in a group of 2 or more bikes, its a 'standard' road bike.
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