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Originally Posted by DMC707 View Post
If you've been riding your bike regularly for 5 years, you might be about time for a new one anyway -- mentally

But that said, -- I had a previous generation Santa Cruz SL w/ Fox RP32 rear shock? (I think )

I always thought the bike could benefit greatly from a newer CTD type shock - and the CTD technology may have been superceded by now, IDK -- but the CTD shock on my new bike allows me more control over my suspension settings . I set the ideal sag in the full soft setting as that is likely where I will be if I am hitting downhill stuff,

A CTD shock may not be able to get the brake jack tendencies under control though, and that is a function of design --- under braking , the suspension tends to "stand up" a bit and doesn't work as efficiently on a single pivot design like the Superlight

The dropper post can make a big difference too

That said , you may not want to spend $800 on a different shock and dropper post when that cash would probably go a long way towards a new Tall Boy, who knows
Thanks, DMC707. I've considered getting a new rear shock and possible a new fork, but as you say, by the time it's all said and done, it might be hundreds of dollars and not knowing how much difference it would make. There is a bike shop not far from me that does an excellent job with consignments, and I might see if I can get a bit of money for my SL. A lot of parents shop their for first bikes for their kids, and this would be perfect. Then I would put that towards a new rig.

Thanks for the feedback. I will test riding a TB 29er next week at a shop that has trails near by.
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