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How Much $ Do You Have In Your "Bargain" Bike?

Just did a spreadsheet to see how much dosh I've spent on my so called "bargain" bike and I'm in shock!

A few years back I bought a 2010/11 Giant Roam-2 from a friend for $180.00. New MSRP was $510 so I felt like that was a pretty good deal on the bike at the time, even though it had no saddle. No problemo as I had a few decent saddles in the parts bin. Fast forward to today and I have about $565 total into it not including labor. Not quite sure how that happened. And I'm not sure it's worth it either.

As the bike was used and had two previous owners I decided to strip it down, clean everything top to bottom and repack all bearings. While doing this I discovered the bottom bracket was completely shot, the rear wheel had spoke damage on the drive side where the chain had slipped between the spokes and cassette due to a poorly adjusted rear derailleur limit screw, the chain was worn to .75% and the hubs had very contaminated grease.

The things that needed to be replaced were the grinding bottom bracket, chain, rear wheel (having original wheel rebuilt would cost more than a new wheel), crappy grips, cables and brake pads. This would allow the bike to be fully functional and safe. The other stuff was all nickle and dime, but it added up - tight ratio cassette, pedals, chainring bolts for conversion to 1x, 44t chainring, new tires and tubes and free labor courtesy of myself. I've also installed some other freebie parts that were take offs from other bikes I've upgraded, such as shifters, rear derailleur and cranks.

The bike is in great shape now though. I love the ergonomics and fit. And it has become my "go to" bike in the last 3 years. However, I'm way upside down on it and I'm not sure I've made a wise decision seeing as I could have bought something like a brand spanking new 2017 Giant Escape 1 for not much more money. It would have had a carbon fork too instead of a heavy uber cheap shock.

So what's your story? How much do you have in your "bargain" bike(s)?

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