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Originally Posted by GaryDGullett View Post

I'm new here and still learning my way around the forum. I found my way to this forum thru a google search of dealing with dogs while riding. LOL...But either way, I'm glad I did.

I realize this may be a subjective question and will most likely net lots of opinions. But I am looking to upgrade from a cheap MTB to a road bike. I ride road 90% of the time ranging in distances from 5-10 miles to 20-30. And will undoubtedly ride more once I settle on the right bike. I'm certainly a novice when it comes to biking. My current bike was actually given to me from a friend who rides $$$$ bikes. Since he doesn't have children, he has the extra cash. I, on the other hand, am limited. He rides dirt mostly and travels several hours or more away from home to ride trails. I want something I can hop on at home and ride 3-4 hours. And eventually upgrade MTB's.

Let's hear it...In your opinion, what is the the best overhaul road bike based on comfortability, components, speed, fun to ride factor, and overall value? And any other factors I'm not considering at this point.

What would YOU buy today for $1500 or less???
An overly broad question that pops up in this forum almost daily. There are so many road bikes on the market made for all kinds of riders. If you are looking to upgrade from your cheap MTB, almost anything you get for over $800 will be a huge upgrade. I would almost say your budget is too big and you are at risk of wasting money on too much bike for where you are at. I know someone who did this, and wound up getting a tremendous deal on a $3K racing bike. Problem is, she is actually afraid to ride it because it is too responsive, some would say twitchy for her ability. In a nutshell, she bought a Ferrari when she should have bought a Toyota.

I sense you don't have the luxury to make a mistake. Maybe look around for a deal on a used bike, or an entry level one on sale and see what you like, and dislike about what you get. Set your budget around $500 or so and see what you can find.
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