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If you're 5ft10in or shorter, you'll have a really easy time finding nicely equipped used road bikes on Craigslist for far less than your budget if you know what to look for. Fit to the frame is, in my opinion, the single most important attribute - frame material is a distant second and weight really doesn't matter as long as the bike overall is lighter than 30#. That said, a good LBS that fits you and provides free tuneups to bikes purchased from them is absolutely worthwhile if you don't know anything about setting up your bike or servicing it. But as a previous poster said, you can find some excellent rides for under $800. Also, if you aren't in it to race, but rather to have a reasonably responsive, long-riding bike with drop bars that can handle roads (and maybe other surfaces), it's hard to go wrong with a cyclocross bike (e.g. Mongoose Selous Comp - smoking hot deal at about $500 on Amazon and totally unrelated to the ****ty mongooses sold at discount stores) or something like a Marin Nicasio (about $700 at your LBS, where you may get fit assistance and free tuneups, plus it's steel which feels good).

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