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Originally Posted by MRT2 View Post
An overly broad question that pops up in this forum almost daily. There are so many road bikes on the market made for all kinds of riders. If you are looking to upgrade from your cheap MTB, almost anything you get for over $800 will be a huge upgrade. I would almost say your budget is too big and you are at risk of wasting money on too much bike for where you are at. I know someone who did this, and wound up getting a tremendous deal on a $3K racing bike. Problem is, she is actually afraid to ride it because it is too responsive, some would say twitchy for her ability. In a nutshell, she bought a Ferrari when she should have bought a Toyota.

I sense you don't have the luxury to make a mistake. Maybe look around for a deal on a used bike, or an entry level one on sale and see what you like, and dislike about what you get. Set your budget around $500 or so and see what you can find.

You may 100% correct on budget and I may need to scale back on that. Maybe pay less to learn more and be at less risk of having a super great bike that doesnt fit my needs. Thanks!
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