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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
For sure- visiting a few shops is great. And yes, CL poses a greater risk of being screwed over, but ive found that in the $300-500 range for modern bikes(at least around me...and chicago) that isnt typical. I typically see entry level bike shop road bikes that sold for $750-1000 that people either want to sell to upgrade or want to sell because they werent used.

As for your wife's bike- thats a pretty specific list and though its surprising Chicago CL hasnt netted anything in half a year, i would say her list of needs is much more specific than the OP's.
Your wife needs disc brakes, 32c tires, at least 105 components, and women's fit. Thats significantly more specific than 'modern road bike with Sora to 105 components'.
I just looked- took all of 3min, and found 4 bikes with Sora on Chicago CL in varying size that look clean and ready to ride. 5'5" - 6-3" for size ranges between the bikes and priced from $290 to $550.

I totally get that the specifics your wife requires is going to make finding something a lot more difficult.

But hey- there is more than one way to skin a cat, right?

I've been scanning CL daily local and areas within a few hour drive. With my limited knowledge, my fear is I may get burned and spend more in the long run than maybe buying a new bike or even a new old stock. I had no idea there were so many bike options available. I will continue to research as much as possible to give myself the best informed decision when I pull the trigger.

I appreciate all the fantastic advice and I'm glad I joined this forum. I always try to make the most informed decision I possibly can. And y'all are making it easier. Thanks!
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