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PDX->SFO best time to ride

I bought a touring bike, REI Safari about 10 years ago with this trip as my goal, but life got in the way and I never did it. This year I had planned on doing this ride in September but had a conflict so it did not work out. I thought about doing the ride in October, but the forecast was wet, short day light, and winds apparently blow predominantly north to south in the summer and south to north in the winter, so bottom line is I am not into a sufferfest so that idea died. My compromise was to bring my bike down to SFO, an ride SFO-> Big Sur & back over 4 days. That was my 1st bike tour so what was actually really good as I learned a lot about how I want to do this ride I ended up only going to Monterrey. My initial plan was way to fast. It is about the journey and not the destination, so my target is ~50-60 miles a day, which means ~14 days to SFO ~ 700 miles. Throw in a few extra days to give you more options. That gives you ample time to explore each area as you ride.

For the ride I just did. I started at Half Moon Bay from there I rode to Capitola and camped at New Brighton State Park, the next day I rode to Monterrey camped at Veterans Memorial Park, and then rode back to New Brighton, and finally the last day rode from Capitola to Daily City Bart station, about ~260 miles over 4 days. ~ 60 miles a day once you throw in rides around the city, the final day was ~80 miles. I think I averaged ~ 13 mph or so. That allowed me to get to each area early enough that I could explore it on my bike. So rode around Sana Cruz boardwalk etc. Did the 17 mile drive on my bike in Monterrey. I camped, carried all my gear, back packing stove, tent sleeping bag, food etc. That allowed me the flexibility to cook at camp or go grab something if I wanted to. Anyway that is how I am thinking of doing PDX->SFO, ie self supported, casual ride.

Which brings me to my question when is the best time to do this ride- taking into consideration weather, traffic, crowds etc? I am thinking either May/June or September. I like the longer days in May/June but it can be pretty wet, so I am leaning towards September.

Also in terms of my bike, I had switched to thin tires since I was primarily riding on the road, for touring is a fatter tier better?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am putting it on my calendar in PEN, in 2018 this is going to happen!

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