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If you must have tail winds and dry weather, the only time those are guaranteed is July and August. (Of course someone will chime in who has been rained on in August, but I'll just say s/he should have bought a lottery ticket.) Not surprisingly, that's peak tourist time on the coast. That's not necessarily a bad thing: every motorist who passes you has passed ten other cyclists already that day and when you get to the campgrounds you'll have lots of cyclist company, if you're into that sort of thing (I'm not).

If you find lower traffic and fewer folks in the campgrounds to be as important as the weather issues, perhaps starting about a week into September is what you want. I've rarely been rained on in the many trips I've taken down the coast in September (October and November are different stories).

You've still got twelve hour days of light (actually a bit more) if you're afraid of the dark since you'll finish before the equinox. If you really want to have low traffic, consider bringing some quality lights and doing some riding before sunrise. Do your trip a bit later in the month and you might get to enjoy a nice full moon setting on the breaking surf if you do some night riding (full moon isn't until Sept 25 in 2018, so you'll be chancing a bit of rain/headwind). That's one of my favorite things about riding down the coast.
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