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Originally Posted by mrveloman View Post
I did this same research for my recent Portland-SFO trip. I think September is a great time to ride it. I am sure others with more experience than me will chime in as well.

I flew into Portland this past Aug 29th and took 13 days to ride. I rode directly to Tillamook from Hillsboro along Hwys 8 and 6 (took the tram from the airport) . I ended up skipping about 200 miles due to smoke from the fire in Brookings (fortunately my son was joining me at Humbug Mtn SP so
his girlfriend just drove us to Ferndale, CA on her way back to Berkeley where they live. Was a great trip and I want to do it again, maybe riding to Astoria instead of Tillamook. Weather was perfect and it did not rain on me the entire trip.
Ah, Ferndale, gateway to the Lost Coast. No ride down the Pacific coast is as wonderful as it can be without routing into the Lost Coast. While the name Avenue of the Giants sounds nice, it's just not as enjoyable to me as Wilder Ridge Rd or Usul Rd. Besides, the Newton B. Drury Pkwy is much nicer in terms of riding through the tall trees; the Avenue is a letdown after Drury. Also, while the Lost Coast does mean doing a bit of dirt road (at the least, Usul is 24 miles of dirt, and more can be added), it does let you avoid that horrid section of hwy 101 at Richardson Grove.

Of course, if one finds hills to be unpleasant, the Lost Coast isn't going to be any fun. At least there aren't hordes of motorists being annoying while you slowly climb the relatively steep climbs.
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