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Originally Posted by WNCGoater View Post
Copy & Paste from their website:

Designed for cyclists who ride more than 100 miles per week or weigh between 120 and 200 pounds*
Weight Limit: 200 pounds

Designed for cyclists who ride more than 100 miles per week or weigh between 180 and 250 pounds*
Weight Limit: 250 pounds

My concern is, whether they have discovered after some time that their popular X series of saddles will NOT hold up long term for a cyclist over 200 pounds, in spite of their previous claims, and in response to negative customer feed back they are now putting a weight limit and introducing a saddle with heavier and stiffer leather. After I bought mine I posted in the 50 plus subforum about how pleased I was with it and several people piped in that it had a history of stretching beyond further adjustment for larger riders or saddle rails breaking or bending.

Perhaps I'm reading more into this but I can't see that this bodes well for those of us who bought a saddle previous to this "new" change.
I think the line between "saddle is good" and "saddle is not good" is very blurry. I started riding the first model of SA around 2008 when I was at the then "margin" of 180#. I have kept on using that same saddle (and have bought a few more SA) ever since. It has not broken, though I am now just coming below 200#. It sagged a bit more, but the integrity of the leather is fine - no major wrinkles, no cracks, no rivets pulling out. It's still possible for me to overtension that saddle to where the sitbones hurt. I really don't think you have anything to worry about.

An SA is not a Brooks. The early SA were explicitly intended to be tensioned by the user - it's in the old instructions.

I could not tell you when they changed, but it was after the passing of Tom Milton, the founder.
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