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Several years ago I was riding a century. There was a small group of bikers on the side of the road looking at a bike. I stop to see if they need help. The group had concluded that an odd coincidence had occured, both shifters had broken simultaneously. That of course was so unlikely that I had to get off my bike and look too. I tried to turn the crank, and it did not want to turn. Then I looked at the drive train and realized that the bike was cross chained, the chain on the biggest front ring, biggest rear sprocket, and the chain was too short. The rider had shifted into this gear and then everything went bad for him. I told to pull the wheel out, put the chain on a different sprocket, reassemble and see if the derailleurs and shifters still worked. They did, he was lucky that jamming it up did not bend a dérailleur or do other damage. I told him to never use that gear again for the rest of the day. And I told him when he got home, go to the bike mechanic where he got the chain installed and yell at him for installing too short of a chain.
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