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Originally Posted by Barchettaman View Post
Hi chaps,

I´ve bought a new alloy Giant 700c wheelset, and mounting ANY tyre on them is a real pain! I´ve tried Michelins, Vittorias and Contis, they´re all a bugger to get on. I´ve never had any trouble in the past.

- can you recommend a road tyre that´s a little ´larger´ in circumference and may prove easier to mount?

- any tips and tricks for mounting tyres? At the moment I am worried about getting a flat out on the road as they are such a pain to put on. I broke a tyre lever today getting the bead on!

Thanks in advance!

I always recommend this great video that shows an extremely useful technique to gain those few millimeters of extra room to get a tough tire on a rim.

the concept will really help with all difficult rim/tire combinations, and any strap system will work.
Ive even used the concept but no straps, and pushing the tire in and in while holding it sort of with your hands can gain a little bit as well, although straps will work better because the tire will not move back and loose the gains you have achieved by pushing it inwards.

yes, some combinations of rim and tires are terrible, the only other suggestion is to buy a set of really strong tire irons, but using the technique to gain some space is really the best way, and of course you can put a bit of soap along the last bit of rim to help get it over the edge, this can help that tiny bit also.
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