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Originally Posted by Barchettaman View Post
Hi chaps,

Ive bought a new alloy Giant 700c wheelset, and mounting ANY tyre on them is a real pain! Ive tried Michelins, Vittorias and Contis, theyre all a bugger to get on. Ive never had any trouble in the past.
Swap your rim tape for 1 mil Kapton. Use 3/4" (19mm) for wide rims, 5/8" (16mm) classic. Use two wraps.

Two layers total .005" with adhesive versus .020" for Velox and .010" for thin tapes/two wraps of packing tape/two wraps of Stans. Velo Plugs are somewhere between Velox and Kapton and are therefore a less optimal solution.

It's also easy to remove, the lightest rim tape, and far less expensive than products marketed for bicycles.

- any tips and tricks for mounting tyres? At the moment I am worried about getting a flat out on the road as they are such a pain to put on. I broke a tyre lever today getting the bead on!
Start the second bead 180 degrees opposite the valve stem. Milk the slack into the channel at the middle of the rim so finishing with your thumbs is manageable.

Kapton + technique make the difference between cussing at tools and hand-mounting tires on tight tire + rim combinations (Continentals on Kinlin XR300s and powder coated Velocity Fusions which were even tighter.)

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