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Originally Posted by ThermionicScott View Post
... . Although I did learn by watching a teammate on a recent RAGBRAI that if you drop your chain to the inside, you have a chance of being able to shift it back onto the small ring by pedaling wildly while using the shifter to move the front derailleur back out toward the big ring.
Scott --

Another name for the front derailleur is "chain guide". Use the chain guide by shifting it the opposite direction from which you've thrown the chain and then pedal slowly and calmly; the chain will likely catch the ring and be pulled back into usefullness.

If you've thrown the chain over the big ring and managed to wrap it around your shoe or crank, first pedal backward to unwrap it, then shift and pedal forward slowly and calmly.

I've used the chain guide trick on the flat, on descents, and even on a shallow incline. Several years ago, a cycling-fraquaintence, that used to ride with an informal non-rando group that I used to lead, was able to use the chain guide trick pedaling up a significant climb. We were all impressed that he managed to do that while his speed rapidly reduced to approx 2 mph before he got the chain back on.

Don't pedal "wildly" -- instead pedal slowly and calmly.

Byw, Scott, for some reason I always thought you were in Arizona, but your RUSA results suggest you are an Iowan. Those results also indicate that you last completed a RUSA rodeo in 2015 (and your most recent membership expired in 2016). Just curious, your reason(s) for abandoning (if that is the correct word) the rando riding.

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