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I have a couple of AW equipped bikes. Some ideas:

1. How long since the hub has been lubricated? I prefer drizzling some oil down the hollow axle.

2. The shift rod should pull out easily, though you sometimes have to wiggle the pedals a bit -- that's normal.

3. Get the behavior of the cable and barrel adjuster sorted out before trying to adjust anything. You should be able to thread it all the way on if the shifter is in 3rd. Likewise, make sure the cable is running freely while it's detached. The idea is to verify that all of the parts are behaving on their own before putting them together.

4. Dan Burkhart is very knowledgeable, and there are a few others here who have seen their fair share of these hubs. They are worth getting into working order.

Finally, Sheldon's method should work -- leave just a tiny bit of extra room to pull the rod out when the shifter is in 1st.
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