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Originally Posted by alcjphil View Post
Motor oil is not a good lubricant for Sturmey Archer hubs.
My SA-5w has 10,500 miles with lawnmower 30w oil and 10% Wynns old motor conditioner that thickens it. For grease I used Krazy synthetic. I still need a microscope to find much wear. The grease wandering in the oil didn't seem to matter. When it shifts properly, it just flies down the highway. Better than both Rohloff and derailleurs. I have NO use for a drain hole or oil slobbering on the wheel. A rebuild every 4000 miles is all it needed. Except for wiping what oozed towards the drum brake. Unlike Rohloff oil that disappears, in the SA it does not.
I think one of my shell engage big pawls is sticking and the weak spring is goofy.
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