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Originally Posted by capnjonny View Post
This may or may not impact your problem:

The stop that mounts on the top tube that the shifter cable housing ends at can be moved to effectively shorten or lengthen the shift cable.

If the shift cable at the turn buckle is too tight moving the frame clamp back slightly will loosen it.
do you mean the fulcrum clip? That would be one of the last resort measures since it worked with the current position previously.

Finally got around to some more inspection. A needle goes in the barrel nut about halfway, but the threading appears to only be on the first 1/3 of it?
I managed to "fix" my unscrewing tension problem, by turning the cable counter-clockwise before connecting the indicator and barrel nut. Even so, it won't go any further than about 1/3 of the barrel nut.
The most frustrating/weird thing is, it worked (mostly) before I removed the wheel, so it's like I am missing something obvious or somehow managed to mess up the mechanism
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