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Originally Posted by Morelock View Post
Indeed, it's the only one I've seen, although the word seems to be out now that the Ethereal has been released.

Mine is a Revo2, nice wide-ish rim (I've got a 22mm Vitt Pista Evo on it but a 23 would fit slightly better to the profile of the rim) with a good hub (Miche) and solid build construction from my experience. It's hollow and lens shaped (which is the only thing that's kept me from buying a front to match yet, I am trying to wait to see if I can borrow a couple of wheels to test lens vs. flat with the Fuji's fork) and honestly priced well below most of it's competition even with the exchange rate. It's one of the nicest discs I've ridden (and while I don't have experience with track discs in particular, I have tried pretty much every road disc made in the last 15 years) Brian was also a good dude to deal with, quick to respond and had it at my door (in Knoxville) in a little under two weeks.

I couldn't comment on stiffness though... it's stiff for me, but I am no sprinter by any stretch.
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