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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
I'd like to add more tips:

Sprinters and wanna-be sprinters (like myself) talk a lot about weightlifting, poundage, reps, etc...

Don't get so caught up in lifting that you lose sight of the fact that it is about bike racing. I can out-squat guys that can run circles around me on the track.

Lifting weights is just a tool to help prepare you to be strong and powerful on the track. Adding 50lbs/23kg to your 1 rep max may not be as beneficial as doing very solid sets of 5 reps.

Also, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Squats aren't the only way to train to sprint. Don't be discouraged if you don't have access to a proper free-weight gym. Some sprinters don't squat. Some do leg press, plyometrics, hill repeats, ergo strength sessions, etc... Some don't lift weights at all.

So for us local racers, it is most important that we do *something* because doing anything regularly is better than doing nothing.
Good points. I have some cyclist friends who will go down town and climb up and down 20 stories of a US Bank. I've done entire workouts in a hotel with nothing but the stretch workout bands...whatever it takes!
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