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Originally Posted by Classtime View Post
A couple days ago, I went for a ride on the local and very flat MUP with my family. A lot of other families had the same idea. We rode by a group of people who had DRIVEN to the path and were unloading their bikes--one of which was a electric motor powered bike. About a mile later, the group with the motor bike came up from behind and the motorbike lady scootered by us on the right and then made a left turn without looking to follow her pedaling friends who had passed appropriately on the left and turned safely. I suspect that this lady drives her car the same selfish way and she continues those habits on her two wheeled motorized vehicle. The electric bike salesman will say that that lady would ride a real bicycle in the same manner. I say, that had she become a member of the cycling community, she would be more courteous and aware of her surroundings. And it really pissed me off that some old lady passed me.
One of my fears about ebikes on MUPs is that it would only be a matter of time before an ebiker would be shouting "single file" to me on the bike path. That happened a couple of weeks ago.

Of course, not 10 minutes later, someone without motor assist did essentially the same thing.

Motorized bike or not, people can be arseholes. But I do think that making the jump to a motorized vehicle makes the transition to arseholedom a bit easier. It is a lot easier to be impatient with people going slower than you when you're having a motor doing the work for you.
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