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Originally Posted by pdlamb View Post
Match rim to intended use, not to the hub. The dyno hub doesn't care as long as it has the correct number of spoke holes.

Commuting/heavy touring? Mavic A319. "All around" riding? Maybe the VO Diagonale or Sun CR-18. Randonneuring? What are your riding now?

This^^^^^is the answer. It really depends on the use and what size ti(y)re yer gonna put on there. I am also getting ready to build up two wheelsets. They both have different purposes albeit will carry the same size/width ti(y)re. The first is a new fixed loaded grocery bike with full racks and baskets. They will be 26"er's but carry a big MTN shoe at 2.2-2.5. Wide stout rim, so Sun Big Mammoths are for that one.
The second is a nice Jan Heine inspired "Enduro" type of rig with the bones being a vintage lugged MTN frameset. This will also be partially racked and have a Dyno up front. I will be putting on Rat Trap Pass(es) so I need a very wide rim. Only two I could find were VO's Diagonale (sold out) and/or Velocity's Cliffhangers. Going to go with the Cliffhangers as Sun's 18's aren't really wide enough (IMO) for those 52mm Compass Ti(y)res. If any of you guys have any more suggestions for a silver 26" rim brake wide MTN 32h rim please let me know. Thanks.
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