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Which direction to rotate a 1" steertube shim gap?

I'm putting a Controltech Ti-mania 1-1/8" stem onto a Columbus Minimal 1" carbon fork. Using a Thomson 1" steertube shim. My question is where should the gap on the shim end up? I've seen shims with diagonal gaps to even the load and even a stem/shim combo that places the gap on the far side of the stem, away from the clamp bolts.

I want to be careful and put the shim gap in the correct spot for even load... but nervous I'd put too much pressure on the clamp bolts (Ti threads, Ti bolts) if I rotate the gap away from the bolt area.

One more question -- Should I pre-load the stem or shim to the bearing cap? This stem has a very thin clamp area that just barely grabs the 1" Ti spacers. The spacers are only about 0.8mm larger diameter than the outer stem clamp area. If I pre-load the shim, I'd use a 1" top cap. If I pre-load the stem, I'd use a 1-1/8" top cap.

Thanks for you help..
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