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Originally Posted by xenologer View Post
I'd have the split in the shim, facing the same way as the split in the stem.

Because the stem clamp needs to be able to close down and grab the underlying steertube, and they'll have a harder time doing that if they're trying to grab onto the side of a shim that isn't split to allow compressing.

Your Preload cap needs to transfer load down to the headset upper race.
You will do that either through the shim, or through the stem; depending on which one makes contact with that race.
It's a question of what's going on down below where they touch that will make the determination.
Neither of these is correct. Clamps oriented 180 out for the split are extremely common both in stems and seatposts. The shim or seat tube can easily slide under the clamp/stem to decrease its circumference.

With the type of non-lipped shim the OP says he has, there is now way for the preload top cap to push on the shim without the stem interfering with it because 1" top caps are pretty much the same diameter as shim and the inside of the 1 1/8" stem. So the stem might end up clamping the top cap instead of the shim. It would work if the shim was taller than the stem, but usually the opposite is true.
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