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Machka's Goals for 2018

Goals for 2018 ... quite similar to last year's goals.

Cycle more than 2017. 2017's total was 6365 km. I want to cycle as much or more than that in 2018.

Complete Petite Year Round Randonneur. This is a challenge where we have to do a 50 km ride each month for a total of 600 km. Yeah, they reduced it from last year, so we might do the reduced amount or aim for what we did last year. The challenge started in November (that's when the Audax/Randonneuring year starts), so we've done 2 already.

We've done several CAM challenges (Century A Month, where we ride a 100 mile ride each month of the year), and, since we did it last year, we would like to do that again. Go for 24 months in a row! We've created a Facebook Group for anyone else who might be interested:

Complete Super Randonneur. A Super Randonneur is Audax/Randonneuring's standard series and the series which is required to qualify for longer rides in most cases. It consists of one ride each of 200 km, 300 km 400 km, and 600 km, each of which has to be completed within a certain time limit.

Complete a 1000 km randonnee. This might be a long-shot. However, if the 600 km event goes well, maybe …
One 1000 km month.

Cycle up Mt Wellington again.


Run a 10K event. If that goes well, maybe even try for a half marathon later in the year.

Walk a minimum of 1000 km, but hopefully beat last year's total of 1302.5 km.

Hike up a mountain or two.

Include some extra stuff like rowing, canoeing, weightlifting and maybe a bit of yoga. Improving my core strength and flexibility would probably be a good thing.
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