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Ride a century every calendar month, like for the last 5 years.

Cycle more than I drive - that's easy, for years I've been driving less than half as much as I cycle.

Aim for at least 100 km every week - I used to be stricter about this, but I've become more flexible.

Getting SR status at least once would be nice, but completing a 600 km brevet under the time limit still seems way out of my league. I could try different routes with different clubs, including courses with less cumulative elevation gain, but it will still be a stretch.

I am not aiming to ride faster. I don't really want to train but to enjoy myself on every ride.

My friends at my regular randonneuring club are trying to talk me into aiming for PBP 2019, but I'm not sure. At my speed I'd be lucky to make it to the halfway point in time and then I'd probably fall apart.

To be honest, I am more interested in trying some multi-day credit card touring than in brevets of 600 km and beyond.
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