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to the OP -- you're obviously riding in the wrong Region. LOL.

Only once on a brevet and once on a Perm have I even considered the bike possibly going missing.

600 brevet with the 300k control / turn-around / possible sleep stop in a dodgy motel in Wilmington, NC. The volunteer at the control corralled all the bikes into rooms or in a small area from which he did not leave.

One perm-pop, returning into Raleigh, 14.5-miles from the finish in downtown Raleigh, my ride partner and I looked at each other and quickly agreed one at a time in the convenience store. Never before or since have I had a concern at that c-store.

Another time on the same 600 brevet route mentioned above, I desperately needed sleep in the middle of nowhere. Parked the bikes outside the small post-office, where anyone driving by could have seen them, and entered the P.O. lobby to nap. I know others have napped at that same P.O.; some have parked their steeds around back and others have parked where we did.
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