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Originally Posted by friday1970 View Post
1. Drastically reduce my consumption of beer. I feel it's the primary reason for why weight loss has been impossible. I let loose last night, one last hurrah. At 66inches, I need to get down from the 180's to the 160's. A week long test run shows me losing 3 pounds. I have to do this, as sometimes I think my beer consumption has been an issue even outside of cycling.

2. Qualify for Paris Brest Paris. I don't think I'll ride it even if I qualify. But, I'd like to at least qualify and say I've done a 600k ride.
Beer is my downfall too. I am too old to really build muscle, so weight loss is really the only way I'm going to meet my goals, which mostly revolve around not being so slow that every long ride is an unpleasant slog. I was doing well this last year until I over trained, and then I had trouble on the 400k and 600k. Got some of that back for the fall season, but I wasn't really in good enough shape for those rides either. At least I finished a 600k for the first time in a while.

Just a note, can't qualify for PBP this year -- you have to ride a full series in the same year as PBP. I think that riding a full series this year is a really, really good idea though. People have done PBP after their first 600k, but it's harder for them.

Rudy, I think collecting awards is fun. I mostly am going after Randonneur 5000 and SR awards. When i used to finish a series easily, it wasn't that big of a deal for me, but now i want to get to the award for 10 series. I think I'm up to 7, 9 if they let me complete a series with a 1200k in a different year. I'll go through that exercise after I finish the next series, which hopefully will be this year. Having said that, if the awards overrun the small wall area I have dedicated to them, some of them are going to be recycled.

I really enjoyed riding the DC randonneur's fall series. Might do that again. Really seems to cap off the year.

There are 3 Grand Randonnees i would like to ride this year. Have to see if that's practical.

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