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I got back into cycling in 2012 after about 10 years off when my kids were little and took up most of my time (I have 4 kids 14-18). I was 50 pounds overweight and thought I needed to get back in shape. Part of my calorie reduction program was to give up alcohol, and I haven't picked it back up. Health-wise, there is no question that I'm better off, but over time it has changed my social life quite a lot. Instead of staying out with friends, I go to bed early so I can get up early and ride my bike. My randonneuring goals are the main thing motivating me keep the weight off these days, so the primary goal is to finish another SR and the stretch goals are a 28 hour 600k (which I missed last year) and the Mac & Cheese 1200k.

Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
...Just a note, can't qualify for PBP this year -- you have to ride a full series in the same year as PBP...
As we discussed in another thread, you can qualify for 2019 preregistration this year, which I assume is what people meant.
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