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Originally Posted by kingston View Post
Hello, 1997 web design. I've missed you.

I do most of my Spring training on a FG and have thought about taking it on a brevet, but there are some big hills in Southern Wisconsin and I've never regretted having a bailout gear. Maybe I'll add FG 200k to my goals?
Old School.
I've found that doing LD/FG rides choosing terrain is as important as seat-time and technique.
No point in taking a 70 GI fixed on a route that requires the full range of 110-36 GI and serious effort on the CF road bike around here. That being said, to me a rolling route that requires both the grunt to stand and get over a grade and the technique to spin down the other side is the most rewarding. 200K with a good base of miles ridden and in the right conditions/terrain is a reasonable goal for a rider used to the rigors of Spring training on a FG.

Of course a few informal Medium Gear Time Trials for reasonable distances would be essential to the training program.


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