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Originally Posted by kingston View Post
I'll decide when the schedule comes out whether or not to attempt the opening day 200k fixed. Last year was an out-and-back and there was one big hill that scared me off. I ended up hitting over 45 mph going down and needed my lowest gear (27GI) to get back up. I obviously could have used my brakes going down, but I don't think I could have made it up with ~70GI.
Yep, that does present a walk-on-up situation which I try to avoid.
If a suitable candidate presents itself I just might do a light road bike conversion to a Sturmey Archer S3X FG-IGH to extend the range. Not a "purist" FG solution but it would open up a considerable amount of local territory with:

Overall Range - 160%
Gear 1 - 62.5% (Gear 2 - 37.5%)
Gear 2 - 75% (Gear 3 - 25%)
Gear 3 - 100% (Direct Drive)

Running 48/17 a direct drive 75 and 56, 47 GI reduction would get me up and over some local routes that are off limits for my old FG w/o undue stress.

These self-inflicted handicaps get us back to the roots of road cycling with the most basic of machines and offer a taste of the old hard-man school of cycling, when in the mood for that sort of thing.

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