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Originally Posted by Hipcycler
By myself.
The thing about trying it with others is that I'd be worried that I might crap out on them and let them down. I'm really not sure I can do this, but I will be training toward making an attempt at it some time this summer.
Hip, this is where organized rides are fantastic. They aren't races and you can usually hook up with others throughout the ride as you either catch them, they catch you, or you meet up with them at rest stops along the way. I did my first 100 miler last September and showed up by myself. I never felt alone, though, as there were a ton of people riding. The miles flow by quickly when you are enjoying the people and scenery and not battling your cyclometer by staring at it on a solo ride.

The other thing on organized rides is that if you feel that you truly can't go the 100 miles, there are probably shorter routes (50, 62, 75, etc) that are part of the ride. The century is usually an additional loop off of the shorter routes, so you have time to decide on the ride, if needed.

I rode 30 miles with you earlier this year. You could easily handle 100 miles, especially with the regular stops along the way (usually 3 or 4 in a typical ride).

There are tons of organized rides throughout the summer. There are tons in Northeastern Illinois (ie, not far from you) that are relatively flat. I'll get a list of them for you. I did the in SW Michigan/NE Indiana last year. TONS of people out for that one and very well organized. I'm signed up again this year. It's October 1st this year.
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