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Originally Posted by atwl77 View Post
Whelp. I just signed up for 200km on Jan 28. Although I've not cycled that far before, but I'm just going to treat it as a century plus another 40km, which makes it not sound like much (to me, mentally, at least). Instead, I'm more concerned about routing and getting lost, as there won't be people stationed at junctions as I am used to on events. There'll be a cue sheet, but I've not learned to follow one before. Supposedly there will be a Strava route as well, but the organizer hasn't published that yet so I have no idea how I can utilize that until I get to actually have a look at it. Hopefully it's something that I can bring in to RideWithGPS (either automatically, or by manually plotting my own route) to make life easier.
This is exactly how I treated my first 200K rides last summer! I practiced using my eTrek GPS by importing routes from RideWithGPS on some longer rides before the actual event. By the time the 200K rolled around, I was good with navigating without the road markings I was used to having on invitational rides. Although I did blow by a turn at the bottom of a downhill but realized my error quickly enough that I only got about 1/2 of a bonus mile.

As a backup, I bought a clip to attach the cue sheet to my handlebars. Unfortunately the print on the cue sheets is usually just a tad too small to read easily without my reading glasses. On my 2nd 200K, I had the cue sheet ahead of time and made the print larger so that I could read it without my glasses.

The other thing I learned going from 100 miles to 200K was that I hated my riding gloves after 100 miles. My hands got too sore from the road vibration. I went to my local bike shop and found a different style that works much better for me.

Good luck!

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