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Garmin eTrex for user friendly navigation on brevets?

Rant on/

I am prejudiced against Garmin and other bicycle computers, perhaps unfairly so. I run a Garmin 510 just to keep track of distance/HR/cadence/time and I use a cue sheet for navigating. I've read the reviews for the newer Garmins in terms of navigation, seems like they haven't figured this stuff out yet.

I think these devices are great for watching cadence, heart rate, tracking distance and time.

But it is disappointing that the navigation on these devices seem lacking in user-friendliness and reliability compared to even the old school GPS devices for cars that used to sit on your dashboard, plugged into the cigarette lighter, without even talking about more modern GPS apps on mobile phones.

Glitches, updates, screwing around with the RidewithGPS file etc all seems really archaic, this stuff should be more user friendly. As someone who is neither tech savvy nor has any desire to be tech savvy, I'd like to spend my free time riding my bike, not reading reviews on DC rainmaker and troubleshooting my route on my PC.

Rant off/

What I want is a GPS device that can download a file from RidewithGPS and reliably tell me either where to go (turn left in 50 feet) or show me a line that goes forward and turning right etc without navigation per se, such that if something suboptimal occurs, it won't go berzerko and want me to re-do a turn:

say I am riding on the other side of street for a while ; or say I miss a turn ; or say the RidewithGPS route wants me to go up to the big intersection instead of shortcuting across the corner gas station. If I miss a turn, I want to be able to get back onto some point of the route (which I can do using my phone GPS without fanfare) , and have it resume it's display. If I want to go off course to check out a scenic area, and then come back to resume my brevet route, there shouldn't be any issue.

I also want the option to have it powered by batteries like AA or AAA so that I don't have to charge it off the dynamo or separate USB battery pack.

I would likely run whatever navigation device along side my Garmin 510, which is powered by a small external battery pack that takes regular AA batteries, that will record my data and provide HR etc. Dynamo hub will charge my iphone during the day.

Would the eTrek GPS do this? If so, which one do you recommend ? If not, what is the device that would gimme what I want?


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