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The eTrex 20 will do what you want. I use free OpenStreetMaps. If you use an eTrex you need to use track navigation. The files to do this can be downloaded from RideWithGPS. All the brevets and most other rides in my area are posted on RideWithGPS and I think that is true in more areas all the time so it's easy to do. I have an eTrex 20 and never had any problem with it.

I Think that would be your best option if you want to keep it simple.

Don't use Route navigation on an eTrex. If you do and you get off course for any reason it will recalculate the route. When you get back on route it will recalculate again and most likely will be different than the correct one. If you would like to use route navigation you would need a different GPS. The Garmin GPSMAP 64 and others will work for this.

Route navigation has some advantages over Track navigation. The big one for me is it will give me the distance to the next turn. The downside is that you need to create a file in Garmin BaseCamp that is kind of a pain to use and it must have the same map as the one on the GPS. Also the GPSMAP 64 and other GPSs you can use for this go through batteries faster than the eTrex 20.

I also have a GPSMAP 64 and never had any problem with it. It will work with Track or Route navigation so may be a good option if you think you may ever use Route navigation.
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