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Originally Posted by mibike View Post
I also have a GPSMAP 64 and never had any problem with it. It will work with Track or Route navigation so may be a good option if you think you may ever use Route navigation.
I also use a GPS 64.

I wrote a few more comments on my expereice with it at these links:
Best Garmin model - that does routing - for 400km-1200km brevets?
On Bike Charging Ideas?

I do not know which hub and USB charger you use, but if you want to use the Garmin 64 to charge NiMH AA batteries, it is very picky about the source of power. My Luxos U will charge it, that has a built in pass through cache battery built in, but my Sinewave Revolution will not unless I use a pass through cache battery. I can also charge AAA batteries in it with AAA to AA adapters. Uses a mini USB cord, not the more common micro USB cord.

Following a track, it does not tell me when to turn but the track will plot a line on the map.

I use a variety of maps, but I use Mapsource software on my computer to load the maps onto my GPS, since Mapsource is no longer supported by Garmin I won't elaborate on how to load maps because there may be better options than I use.

Garmin 64 (base model) will not work with heart rate sensor, but some of the higher level versions of that might. I do not know which versions of the 64 work with a cadence sensor or not. There are handlebar mounts available for it.

It is a bit bigger than most bike GPS units, but it was designed for stuff other than cycling. I wanted a good GPS for hiking and other activities and using AA batteries was important to me, thus I did not want to use a cycling specific model.

Sometimes I do not use the GPS on the bike, thus there is a separate basic computer shown in the photos.
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