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Thanks, Is replacing dying batteries on the GPS 64 the same as on the eTrex? I.e. it automatically resumes from where you shut off?

I see what youíre saying about route navigation and battery life, ie screen backlight comes on only as you come up to turn on the GPS64, whereas using eTrex without routing and just following a pink line at night, you have to keep the backlight on the whole time. But Using routing on the GPS 64 requires you to fiddle with a separate file, correct ? Iím looking for simplicity, ie just downloading a file from RWGPS without any modification...

Kingston and other eTrex users - when riding through the night , eg 24 hours straight , where you need to keep the backlight on to follow the line , how long does a set of AA batteries actually last ?

Originally Posted by mibike View Post
I don't charge batteries in the GPS 64. I use a separate charger and charge them at home. The only time I charge them elsewhere is on a tour. On a longer breverts I will carry spares. There is always the option of buying alkaline batteries if needed.

As for the battery life there is not as big a difference as it looks like. It will very for both depending on settings. One of the biggest users of battery use is the back-light. on the eTrex you need to keep it on at night so you can follow the line. I find about 50% brightness works for me. On the GPS 64 using route navigation you can set the back-light to be off and when you get close to a turn it will turn on at the same time as the turn warning and go off after the turn. You can even set the screen to only be on at the same time as the back-light if you would like to save a little more.

I haven't timed battery life on ether but it hasn't been a problem and I don't think it's a lot different in use.

On the eTrex you can't turn off auto re-route. I have called and emailed Garmin support about this. I have also asked on GPS forums about it.

On the GPS 64 you can set auto re-route to on, prompted or off. I keep it set to off. This is the biggest reason I bought the 64 and like it better.
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