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Originally Posted by Flounce View Post
Thanks, Is replacing dying batteries on the GPS 64 the same as on the eTrex? I.e. it automatically resumes from where you shut off?

I see what youíre saying about route navigation and battery life, ie screen backlight comes on only as you come up to turn on the GPS64, whereas using eTrex without routing and just following a pink line at night, you have to keep the backlight on the whole time. But Using routing on the GPS 64 requires you to fiddle with a separate file, correct ? Iím looking for simplicity, ie just downloading a file from RWGPS without any modification...

Kingston and other eTrex users - when riding through the night , eg 24 hours straight , where you need to keep the backlight on to follow the line , how long does a set of AA batteries actually last ?
Yes battery replacement is the same on both units. When the batteries are dead take the old ones out, put in 2 new AA, turn on and ride. I change them at a control when they are low so I don't need to make a stop to change them.

Yes using route navigation requires some setup work to get a good file. With track navigation you can download the file from RideWithGPS or other sources and you are good to go.

If you think you might ever want to use route navigation I would look at the 64. You can use it either way but for track you would need to leave the back-light on at night.

If you are sure you would be happy with following the line I would go with the eTrex 20 or the 30 if you want Compass, Altimeter and the ability to use things like hart rate monitor, cadence sensor, etc.

My eTrex is a 20 and my 64 is a 64s. The difference in the 64 and 64s is the same as the difference in the eTrex 20 and 30. I never use the extra features. At first I thought the compass was nice as you could see direction when you are stopped. You need to calibrate it every time you change batteries. After a while I stopped using it as it was more trouble to calibrate then it was worth. As soon as you start moving even slow the GPS based compass starts working. I have cadence etc. on my Cateye computer so no need to use it on the GPS. This also gives me a backup as I can use the Cateye with a cue sheet. If I were to buy today I would go with the 20 or the plan 64.
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