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Originally Posted by Tourist in MSN View Post
For AA and AAA, I only use NiMH rechargeable batterys, not disposable. For AA in a GPS, I have the best luck with Eneloop batteries and the low discharge version of rechargeable batteries sold by Ikea (they name them Ladda and they are white with black print). Ikea also sells some non-low discharge ones that cost less, I recommend the low discharge ones. I bought some of the Ladda Ikea ones last month for $6.99 for four cells.
LADDA Rechargeable battery - IKEA

Eneloops, I usually bought them from amazon, I won't bother with a link here, anyone can find amazon.


Now let me tell you one problem with using a Garmin 64 if you are not plugging it in for power. The screen can be configured to shut off to save battery life. I have no idea how long the battery will last if you have the screen permanently turned on, I have mine set to turn off after 30 seconds. You need to touch a button to turn the screen back on. But, while it is plugged into a power source the screen stays on. If your plan is to only power your Garmin 64 from disposable AA batteries and keep the screen on, you should test it first to see how long the batteries will last, they might not last as long as you planned.

The other thing I do not like about the Garmin 64 is that when the screen is off, there is nothing telling you that it is still turned on. Several times at the end of the day I assumed it was off, but it was on and then I had dead batteries the next day at the start of my ride.
+1 on the Eneloops. That's all I buy anymore. But it's nice to know I could buy alkaline batteries in an emergence.

I run my 64 not plugged in. I find the back-light uses more battery then the screen. I have the timeout on the light set to 15 seconds but leave the screen on. I have Distance to next turn displayed on the map screen. If I want to see it at night I hit the enter button and the light will come on and then time out. With it set up this way I know if it's on.

There are other settings that affect battery life. Using GPS only without GLONASS is one thing that helps.
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