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Originally Posted by Metieval View Post
how much of Randonneuring is about image?
seriously, it's not pretty

Originally Posted by Metieval View Post
The style of bags, leather bags, leather seats gumwall/skinwalls, Steel frames, geometry, etc.....
generalization from prejudice, not reflected by the facts. Never seen a leather bag on a randonnee.

Originally Posted by Metieval View Post
I am getting the feelings that sometimes the only difference between Randonneuring and say the other same things is all in image. as in No carbon allowed in Randonneuring, that carbon thing would be endurance riding, or Ultracycling.
this is false, totally false. Tons of randonneurs ride carbon. There is huge overlap between the ultracycling community and randoneuring.

Originally Posted by Metieval View Post
As in Like a 4 arm spider ring of a New Ultegra crank is a no no to some people in the Randonneuring circle.
where would you have gotten such an idea. Certainly not from a randonneur.

This is why I am asking if Randonneuring is about an image portrayed.
I'm not exactly sure what this is supposed to mean. Randonneuring is about riding your bike a long way. There are people that have randoneuring bikes that don't participate in randonneuring. That's fine, but it says nothing about randonneuring.
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