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Originally Posted by GadgetGirlIL View Post
The other thing I learned going from 100 miles to 200K was that I hated my riding gloves after 100 miles. My hands got too sore from the road vibration. I went to my local bike shop and found a different style that works much better for me.

You just made me realize that I also have glove problems on long rides. When I start to get tired and put more weight on my hands, my gloves will start to dig into the webbed skin part between my fingers. Probably not going to be that much of an issue for 200K, but something I'll need to think about if/when I start looking at 300K and beyond.

Originally Posted by Aushiker View Post
You have the option to export the route from Strava as a GPX file [Export GPX] or as a TCX file [Export TCX]. Both can be then imported into RidewithGPS or directly into your GPS if can read GPX or TCX files.

I've been looking up on how to convert TCX files to routes on RWGPS, turns out that in order to maintain cue sheets within RWGPS itself I'll need to manually trace the route with the route planner. Guess that's more work for me to do, but at least I'll be able to get a proper route done in RWGPS eventually.
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