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1997 R800 CAD3 Viper Red fade to Speed Yellow

This one is new to me and the forums here. My friend and I were out riding a few weeks ago and while stopped at a light I asked him, “you been to the bike collective lately?”
“Do you just want to go poke around?”
“Why do you need something?”

Then this thing was sitting there just begging to be given the once over. Then a second look and before I knew I had it upside down looking up the serial number to see just what this was.

This is a 1997 R800 CAD3 in Viper Red fade to Speed Yellow built in May size 58. Further research leads me to believe this is a frame up build. Unless whoever had this bike upgraded the group it just about has to be. The reason I say this is bike has a complete Shimano 600 Tri-Color group. And I mean every part, the shifters, derailleurs, cranks, hubs, head set and brakes. The only things that are not are the rims which are Campagnolo Moskva 80, the rings are Shimano SG, the bars are Cinelli and some butt ugly stem. According to the 1997 Cannondale catalog this bike should have a Shimano 105SC group with Mavic wheels. The only thing I don’t care for is the that butt ugly stem. I would like to find the appropriate one for it. I don’t really have any idea what brand it should be other than polished aluminum. So if anyone knows what the stem (Mavic?) should be so I can look for one that would be a lot of help.

So needless to say I found it very hard to say no to this beautiful bike that had an attractive price tag.
There isn’t much else to say about this bike. It rode nice the one time I got to ride it before the snow fell.

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